1/8/03 : 11:56pm

Today I played around with some more xhtml/css. Here's 2 layouts using the exact same xhtml: layout 1, layout 2. To see what the site would look like in Netscape 4 or a PDA, view raw source code without any css. There's a few problems with layout 1, but it's fixable with a little javascript.

1/7/03 : 8:35pm

Safari, a new Mac browser, has just been released. If your visting this site with it, you'll notice that my news and resume pages do not scroll like they're suppose to. After some investigation, I found this statement from a Safari developer which explains the problem:

Treat overflow:scroll and auto like "hidden" for now until support for those is added. This change at least makes the overflowed objects have the correct dimensions (without screwing up the layout of the rest of the page).

Diveintomark has been testing Safari and posting other CSS bugs. I'm not to worried because I know this is just a beta release, but I hope Apple gets these things worked out before it's final. The last thing we need is another buggy browser to code for.

1/5/03 : 12:18pm

A few more patterns added while listening to the latest Beck album.

1/4/03 : 10:46pm

I just added a favorites section while listening to my new Pinback album. Today I also picked up a few tickets to Interpol. That should be a good show.

1/3/03 : 1:20am

I just validated this site at and it's validates to XHTML 1.1 and CSS. Yea! Now I just need to add the doctypes.

1/2/03 : 7:01pm

As you can see, I added a Featured Project to the right side of the page and changed the background image. I need to shoot some new Polaroids for this site. I'd like to take some shots of a dead squid. Maybe I'll go down to the grocery store later to see if they have any squid in the meat department.

1/2/03 : 1:43am

I just finished the interactive section, although I still have some descriptions to write. I also need to fix a javascript bug in the thumbnail navigation.

1/2/03 : 1:40am

If you would like to send me an email, I've added a contact form on the Say Hi page. If you find any problems with this site, please let me know about it.

1/2/03 : 1:35am

Welcome to my new site. There's just a few sections available right now, but I'll be working on this site until all of the content from has been moved over. If you like to code, check out the source for this site. It's my most advanced CSS site yet. Also notice that there are not any frames or iframes in the source, the scrolling content is also made with CSS.